Printed Matter Catalog, 90s


New York: Printed Matter. 1988.

5 1/8 x 8 1/8 inches. pp. cover, [1], 2-109, [1], 111, [18], cover. Slight bit of fading and creasing to exterior, two pages had corners folded.

Includes introduction by Platzker (announcing the Printed Matter website among other things) followed by a section reprinted from Art-Rite (1977) featuring significant artists’ comments on the potential of artists’ books as a medium. Succeeding that are various catalogs: for new books; backlist books; “source” books, Dia publications, periodicals, classic periodicals, new audioworks, videos, and computer publications. At the very back are membership forms and advertisements.  A nice reference.


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Printed Matter Catalog, 90s